“Master Showman!”

– London Free Press

  • 10 Albums and 2 PBS Specials
  • World Renowned; Award Winning

Dubbed the “Greek God of the Guitar,” Pavlo is a true world artist who brings audiences to their feet with a unique style and Mediterranean flavor. This sizzling guitarist, joined on Greek bouzouki, bass & percussion, blends Greek, flamenco, Latin, and even Balkan flavors. An international guitar sensation.

For an artist that is solely instrumental, Pavlo’s Mediterranean music has certainly made a name for itself.
When he was no more than ten years old, Pavlo began dedicating several hours a day to practicing his guitar. His parents soon realized his undeniable connection to the instrument, and encouraged him to continue on his journey of becoming an accomplished guitarist. To this day, Pavlo lives and performs by the advice his father gave him as a child: “Have the courage to do what you love, and the drive to do it well.”

As Pavlo began playing his Mediterranean music at craft shows, café gigs and festival performances all over the country, his popularity began to grow. Soon enough, despite the opinions of the executives he had once hoped to work for, Pavlo found his audience. They were equally as passionate about his music…and they wanted more. Going for broke to meet the demands of his audience, Pavlo invested all that he had into the release of his second album, Fantasia. The album climbed the charts and made it to the Billboard Top 10, earning Pavlo his first Juno Nomination. Building on that success, he began touring across the country. By this point, Pavlo had built such a reputation for himself that he received a call to perform for His Royal Highness, Prince Charles.>>Read More

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